As a regular traveller, Kathrin Wetzel was often frustrated by the choice of bags available to make her trips less of a chore and more pleasurable. Then, one day, while rummaging through her attic with her daughter they dusted off an old leather bag.

Kathrin was struck immediately by the bag’s timeless look and obvious craftsmanship. A little worn at the edges, its soft, natural leather exuded quality, a sense of individuality and history. The bag was an ideal size to hold all the personal items you’d need, along with useful pockets that were easy to access and open. Quite simply, it was the perfect travel partner.

“I love this bag!” her daughter exclaimed. “Let’s restore it!” It was while thinking about how to give this bag a new lease of life that Kathrin’s idea for Caladan was born, and her journey into authentic ethical sourcing began.


Everything we do at Caladan is driven by our collective desire for your Caladan leather bag to feel like it was made just for you.

Beautifully styled, designed and hand crafted, our ethically-sourced bags are intended to be a natural extension of your personality and the life you lead.


Our design ethos celebrates the little differences that make everybody individual. This means embracing our leather’s natural imperfections. When combined with classic lines the overall look is unique, effortless and just gets better and better with age.

And because life can be complicated enough, we’ve thought carefully about when you use our bags. Whether it’s a business trip, the gym, out with friends or a special occasion, you’ll appreciate the practical qualities that come from close attention to detail.


Every Caladan bag and accessory embodies responsible sourcing and a return to traditional production techniques that are better for the environment.

We know all our cattle farmers personally and choose to only use leather from animals that roamed freely in European pastures. This also enables us to reduce animal transportation times and keep airmiles to a minimum.

The passionate craftsmen who make our bags are based in the Spanish towns of Ubrique and Alicante, each with a rich history of leather production dating back centuries. Striving to avoid chemicals wherever possible, we work closely with them to continuously evolve our chrome-free tanning process. Each Caladan bag gains its distinctive colour from dyes occurring naturally in organic materials such as vegetables and charcoal.

Our leather’s scarring is a natural by-product of the animal’s outdoor life. By incorporating these markings every bag becomes a one-off – something that’s accentuated in the individually numbered, limited run of 30 bags of each design. It also means we use as much of the leather as possible, limiting wastage.

All this may take us longer, but when you see the right Caladan bag, you’ll know instantly why you’re made for each other.

Bespoke Service

At Caladan our bags celebrate everyone’s differences. So if you’ve a particular design or style of bag you’d like us to make just for you, our flexible Bespoke Service is here to help.

Please contact us for further details.