The Caladan crew recently visited Veneto, Venice and Bologna, for the first two days we spent some time in Veneto where the vineyard of Carlo Bisol Solighetto ( is. We talked about our collaborations and future projects together. Simon Tabellini – Project Manager. of Carlo Bisol Solighetto, showed us their vineyard and we had the opportunity to taste the gorgeous grapes.

Tuesday we headed off to Venice for a product shoot, a combination of Caladan products and the prosecco of Carlo Bisol Solighetto. The day was sunny and it was so much fun. The following day we had our second product shoot at an old wool fabric and then we had a beautiful lunch which consisted of local produce in the middle of the vineyard. It was also the first day of the harvest, the harvest lasts about 10 days and more than 600 people will be working on bringing the harvest in.  Thursday we had a meeting in Bologna to arrange an event in the spring of 2016, further information to follow.

We left Italy totally inspired and simply can’t wait to annouce our new projects and collaborations with VNC Prosecco, thanks again to an amazing team of people….



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